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From: Luca Warberg
Subject: College Memoirs 4Standard disclaimers apply. All rights reserved by the author.Hey guys, sorry I took so long to get this Nn Lolita Models fourth chapter out there.
University has been pretty busy over the last bit. Anyway, here you go…The day after our mixer with the girl’s hostel, I was still fast asleep in
bed when one of the HC members stormed into my room. Well, I was the first
room in my section, and we had been told not to lock our doors at night. Now,
I’m not exactly a heavy sleeper, but somehow, I struggle like hell to get up
in the mornings. I don’t know, I’ve never been a morning person and probably
never will be.So anyway, in storms this HC through the door, making a huge noise. Before I
even realised what was happening, he started shouting at me to get up, wake
the other members of my section up and we had to be outside, dressed, ready
to go for a run. Still have confused, I heard doors opening and banging shut
like mine did. Clearly they were doing this to a few other people too, not
just me. I sat up in bed and looked at the time. It was 5.30am. I couldn’t
believe it. I must have fallen asleep around midnight the evening before and
now I was being woken so early! Five and a half hours of sleep! Today wasn’t
shaping up to look to good.Anyway, I quickly walked outside and opened the door next to me. I didn’t
really know the two guys who were staying there, but I had seen them around
while the HC had been crapping on us to hurry up the day before. The one guy
was small built, well, he was short, but I had noticed in the shower that he
had a pretty defined body. He had short cut brown hair and these huge brown
eyes that everyone noticed. I suppose he was pretty good looking. His
roommate, though, was quite a good looking bloke. Blond hair, golden skin,
straight perfectly white teeth and amazing green eyes. It’s only later that
I realised he reminded me alot of Zac Efron, and that later actually became
his nickname because everyone thought so. I switched on the light in the
room and saw the two of them were still fast asleep. Not quite knowing what
to do, I walked over to Matt, the shorter guy, and shook him to wake him up.”Dude, the HC just woke me. They told me we got five minutes to get dressed.
We’re going for a run.”He looked at me in a confused daze, clearly still half asleep. He sat up in
bed rubbing his face. “Will you quickly wake Liam and the Nn Lolita Models guys next door. I
still have to get dressed?” He looked at me, and nodded. As he got out of
bed, I saw that like me, he had on cotton boxer shorts, but unlike mine
which were white (with small tommy hillfiguer flags Nn Lolita Models on it) his were plain
blue with white stripes. As he stood up, I noticed he had a raging hard on,
morning glory must have been a bitch for him. Before he realised that I was
looking at his package, I looked away. For such a small guy, he was packing
an amazing amount of meat in those boxers. I left the room to pull on some
sports jocks, and the black jogging pants and blue shirt all first years in
my hostel had to wear.Five minutes later, we were all standing outside the hostel, groggy eyed. We
were barked at to stand in 13 units of 10, so that each section was by
themselves in rows of two. Looking back, it must have looked like an army
camp to those that didn’t know any differently. The HC today, instead of the
suits, were dressed in cargo pants with military fatigues, white
wife-beaters (vests) with the hostel emblem on them, and big aviator
sunglasses. For some reason, they all seemed enormously muscular and manly.
It was only later in the year that I found out that those that get elected
to the HC have to go on a rigorous fitness programme four months before the
new first years come in. Well, it definitely showed because they were all
extremely big.”Today, assholes, there will be no more fun and games. We took it easy on
you yesterday, because all your parents were probably still in town, and we
didn’t want them to see what a bunch of wimps you actually are. Today is the
day where we start turning you boys into real men - men that the whole
campus will know and respect. It is going to be tough, it is not going to be
fun, and sometimes you may feel that it is not worth it. You are free to
leave this programme any time you wish. I am not forcing anyone to
participate, everyone here is here from their own free will. But one thing I
can promise you is that nothing we will make you do will be pointless. And,
if you survive the initiation (hazing), you will look back at yourselves
today and wonder how you could ever have been so pathetic. Is there anyone
who wishes to quit now?”There was deathly silence after the Hazing captain spoke. No one dared say
anything, and no one stepped forward. After several seconds, the hazing
captain spoke up again.”Well, I am glad to see that all of you at least have balls. I will ask you
every morning if you are ready to give up, and if it is up to me, some of
you will give up. This hostel is the most prestigious one on campus, so to
have been accepted here, most of you have to have talent. Talent, however,
is not enough to stay here. In this house, only those with integrity, pride,
strength and respect will stay. So, to start working on those things right
now, we are going for a little jog up the mountain. You are to form four
rows in front of me and you will maintain those four rows. I do not want to
see gaps between you and your brothers. You are to stay together, like a
family. You are to protect and support each other. Other hostels will try to
cut into our column, if that happens, they will have violated the respect of
this hostel. If they do this, it will be your fault because you didn’t keep
the ranks tight, and accordingly, you will be punished. So, assholes, get in
formation.”There was a lot Nn Lolita Models of confusion as we tried to sort ourselves into three lines
as quickly as possible. Finally, after being shouted at and harassed by the
HC for a full five minutes we were standing, facing the hazing captain,
ready to go. Without another word, he started jogging.That day, and every morning after that, we went for a run between 6km and
10km, depending how much time the HC had put aside for it.I suppose now would be a good time to let you guys know that not everyone in
the first year class was really that sporty. Some of them, not many — but
enough, of them Nn Lolita Models had gotten in because they had scored exceptionally high
marks in school. I’m talking about getting ridiculous marks for subjects
like 110 out of 100 for most of their subjects. These guys were obviously
the top achievers academically in the country, but they couldn’t jog for
shit. They kept on puffing and gasping in an attempt to keep up with the HC.
Now, like I may have said before, I was one of the fitter guys: I was used
to long jogs on the beach (often on soft sand up to my knees in water)
because of the lifesaving training I had done. So the blokes like me that
were fit were forced to run up and down the ranks to make it look like there
were no gaps. We probably ran twice as far as most of the others, and
definitely alot further than the braniacs that couldn’t put run ten steps
without breaking a sweat.We ran all the way up the nearest mountain that Nn Lolita Models day. When we got back to
hostel, we once again had to line up in formation of sections. We were given
exactly give minutes to shower before breakfast, which was at 7:00am. Nn Lolita Models We
were dismissed section by section and disappeared into the hostel. Once in
our rooms, there was a mad scramble for the showers.This time, I was one of the first in the shower, because I lost no time
grabbing a towel and basically throwing my sweaty clothes on the bed. I was
lathering up as Liam (the Zac Efron look alike) and his roommate Matt walked
in. The both had towels around their waists and took the two showers next to
me. I turned around and quickly washed my hair, closing my eyes to rinse the
shampoo off. When I opened them, I could see Matt sort of staring at me,
completely zoned out. He quickly snapped out of it though as someone else
walked into the bathroom. All of a sudden, Nn Lolita Models
the rest of the section appeared
and there weren’t enough showers. Looking out of the corner of my eye, I
glanced over at Matt. This time he was looking straight ahead, not looking
at anyone and was soaping himself up with shower gel. I noticed that he had
an incredible body. Like I said he was shortish, maybe around 5 foot 10 but
he more than made up for it with his body. He had the most amazing v-lines
descending from his abs into his crotch, which was covered with a thick bush
of dirty blond pubes. His nipples were hard from the cold breeze in the
bathroom. He had an all-over tan, or maybe he was just naturally a tanned
bloke, because I couldn’t see any tan lines. I glanced down at his dick and
I really hadn’t exaggerated when I said he was packing some serious meat for
such a short boy. His cock was really really fat, uncut like most Afrikaans
boys. His balls were huge and heavy, although at the moment they were drawn
up close to his cock — once again thanks to the cool breeze wafting through
the bathroom. I felt myself chubbing up and quickly looked away. I stepped
out of the shower, leaving it on for the next person, and grabbed a towel. I
towelled off my hair and walked back to my room. I put on fresh underwear,
and socks, but was obliged to wear the same shirt and shorts I had been
wearing while jogging. We had been told that before being dismissed to
shower.Now I come from a part of the Nn Lolita Models
country where it is really humid. So humid in
fact that in the height of summer, everything seems to stick to your skin
and even in between your fingers your skin feels sticky. So i had gotten
used to showering twice a day most of the time and my mom often bitched that
the maid complained that I had the most washing at home. I just hate getting
into clothes I’ve already worn and would rather just grab a new set of
clothes out the cupboard. So putting on the old clothes that I had just run
in kind of freaked me out a little. But there was nothing I could do. I
suppose it wasn’t that bad. I’ve never been someone who sweats alot while
doing exercise. Yeah, the shirt smelled a bit like me, but it wasn’t like it
was soaked through. I quickly slipped on some loafers and waited on my bed
for the bashing on the doors to start to show that the HC was getting
impatient and that we had to line up outside. No use being too eager, I
would only stand out. Besides, I think I had stood out enough being one of
the fitter people in the jog this morning. My strategy to survive the whole
initiation was just to be one of the invisible masses. Not so slow and
stupid that I was a lagger, but not one of the super keen, really psyched
guys that stood out either. I just wanted to blend. I had my fill of being a
leader in high Nn Lolita Models
school and I really didn’t want any of that in University. I
was here to enjoy myself.After being lined up, crapped on, and marched into the dining room, we were
given exactly ten minutes to eat. The dining hall reminded me a lot of the
one in Harry Potter movie. You know, long tables with chairs, the
decoration, chandeliers, etc. It was all very impressive but we were in too
much of a rush to really appreciate it.The rest of that day, we had to spend going through dances and modelling.
They had to choose 10 guys to represent the hostel for modelling and they
had to categorise us into dance categories from insanely good (level one) to
insanely bad (level 5) so that when our hostel did the first year show, they
would know which section of the show each first year would be in (more on
that later).Out of the 130 odd first years, I made the top 20 for the modelling thing.
Then they made us do this whole fake modelling show thing where we had to
strut our stuff. We were told to strip to our jocks and the HC from our
sister hostel came into the room to judge the top ten. We were made to model
down the room, strike poses, etc. I really wasn’t enjoying it and tried to
do things as quickly as possible to get them over with. I guess they quickly
realised I wasn’t as body proud as a few of the other boys in the room
because I got cut from the top 15 (well I suppose at least I made the top
15. Lol.) Those of us who hadn’t made the top 10 were then sent back to the
first years to do dance auditions. We had to come forward section by section
and do the dance moves they showed us. Well, i don’t think I’m a horrible
dancer, in fact, most people think I’ve got a pretty good rythm and stuff
going and say I look good bobbing around on the dancefloor, but this
choreographed thing was definitely not for me. I wasn’t as lucky as I had
been with the modelling thing. I Nn Lolita Models got put in group number 3. So I was one of
the average dancers. That didn’t stop them though. For the show, they landed
up stripping us to the waist and making us wear hot pants to dance in — we
were sex slaves for some of the better dancing hot girls in the sister
hostel. That was one perk (but again, more on that later).So we spent the day learning dance moves in sequence, without music. It at
least gave us some Nn Lolita Models time to spend joking and laughing amongst ourselves,
because the HC (our sister hostel HC that is — our HC was sitting on tables
infront of us just watching) was so busy trying to explain all the dance
That night, we were given another 5 minutes to get changed into suits for
another mixer. Well, it was pretty much the same as the one before that, so
im not going to get into too much detail. In fact, the next few days until
the next week Wednesday were pretty much Nn Lolita Models the same thing, so im not going to
get into too much detail on them either. It involved 5 minute showers, 10km
runs, mixers, learning hostel history and pride, writing tests on the
history of the hostel, sleeping, waking up at the crack of dawn, etc. It
really would be boring to go too far into the whole thing. But that
Wednesday, the rest of the brothers arrived back at hostel. The seniors, I
mean. That’s when things took a turn for the interesting.
Hey guys, i know that this section looks a bit rushed and stuff, but trust
me, your gonna love the next chapter. Im working on it already. Its got some
really really steamy bits in it i think u will all appreciate. For what its
worth, the reason this chapter is so crappy is coz im preparing for exams. I
write in one week and im crapn bricks - i’ve sorta been skippin on lectures
all year. haha. So I hope u guys understand. Sorry for the long wait. Please
email me some encouragement, It feels like theres only a few die hard fans
reading my stuff!
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